Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist



I believe that personal change and growth happens in a safe and non-judgmental relationship and this is what I offer to my clients.  If you are feeling anxious or depressed, are facing difficult life challenges that get in your way or are struggling in your relationships, together we can get you feeling better and more like yourself again. 

I have extensive training in many areas but Emotionally Focused Therapy has taken my work with individuals, couples and families to the most effective and rewarding outcome I have witnessed in my career.  I view Attachment Theory as most important and see all interactions thru this lens. I am an interactive and engaged therapist that will help you grow and deepen connections within yourself and with others. I feel strongly that if I am to encourage you to face tender areas of your heart, than I must do the same in my personal journey. I believe vulnerability strengthens us within and between. 

When we feel safely connected to others we understand ourselves better, like ourselves more, have more resiliency, autonomy and experience peace and happiness overall.

Types of Therapy I provide